Online Services


Reordering Checks

You can reorder checks online, from Harland Clarke check printers.


Your Account Online

The Wittenberg Credit Union also offers online banking on a secure web site.


  1. Go to our secure website:
  2. Login using your username: your 4-digit account number (e.g. 1234).
  3. Your password:
    1. The first time you log in, your password will be the last four digits of the Social Security Number of the primary account holder.
    2. After the first login, you will be asked to change your password to one of your own selection. Use that one thereafter.
  4. NOTE: Four consecutive invalid logins will disable your account; contact Amy Pennington at the Credit Union to re-enable it.
  5. Our system will automatically disable your account after 30 days of inactivity. You can avoid this by logging in to your account at least once every 30 days.
  6. Do not use your browser's "Back" button to navigate once you have logged in. Doing so may cause your transactions to be submitted incorrectly.


Finding an ATM

You can use your ATM card at any participating STAR machines. Look for the red Star logo.
For a list of "no fee" machine locations, please contact the Credit Union.


Credit Card Security Services

You can enroll in services that increase your credit card security when buying online.

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